How to Critique Art Study Guide



1.                  What are the main differences between the “Elements of Art” and the “Principles of Design”?

2.                  What is aesthetic perception?

3.                  Is aesthetic perception a skill that you are born with?  Explain.

4.                  What is nonobjective art and how should it be critiqued?

5.                  What is art criticism?

6.                  What purpose does art criticism serve?

7.                  What are the four major steps in art criticism?  List and summarize.

8.                  What are the four major criteria from philosophies of art?  Which do you feel is most significant?

9.                  Which philosophy of art is categorized by the viewer’s first impression being beautiful and/or harmonious?

10.              Should you only look at art with your eyes?  Explain.


Either copy the questions and paste them into a word processing program or print it out.  Make sure to answer all of the questions thoroughly because it will act as a guide throughout this lesson and help you with the assignments that you will need to complete.