What is Art?

Art is all around us.  They are the things people create for others to see and appreciate.  Art is not just paintings and sculptures you see in museums.  They include the music video you may have watched last night on television and the pottery bowls you might have seen at a crafts fair.  They include forms of art created for everyday use, like a pattern on wallpaper or a study lamp for your desk.

In some cultures, young people learn to create and appreciate art by watching adults create it.  Most students in industrialized countries today study art in school. as you are doing now.

This activity will help you to understand and appreciate many kinds of art.  It will help you to develop your skills in creating art-expressing feelings that cannot be put into words.

Some of the artworks that you will study are important records of history.  You might find some of them so inspiring and imaginative that you will never forget them.  You will also learn to see how many ways art is part of your everyday life.

As you look around the room, it is on the walls, the clothes you are wearing, the computer screen that you are looking at and it affects every aspect of your life.  It is sometimes overlooked.


You are now ready to develop your "Perception" skills.