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Officer Boyd and DavidPoway is a pretty neat place to live.  I feel very safe here.  Officer Boyd works for the Poway Sheriff's Office and she does a lot to keep Poway safe.  Her most important job is to teach the students in our schools how to stay off drugs.  The Police in Poway care so much about keeping kids safe that they donate $3,000.00 a year to the Powaynewpolic.jpg (17246 bytes) High School Grad Night so that the seniors graduating can have the greatest party without any alcohol so they won't get killed by driving drunk on their graduation night.  Poway Sheriff Department works hard to make sure the city is safe.  Statistics suggest that the program "Red Light Photo Citation" is improving traffic safety.  The number of car accidents has been reduced and citizen complaints regarding unsafe driving have also decreased.  Poway also is safe because they have two officers assigned to preventing gangs and gang activities here.   Another reason Poway is safe is because of the great people who live here and who work hard to keep it safe for their children and families.




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