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We thought you would like to know the reasons kids love Poway, so Daniel made up a great survey that we gave toWhy Kids Love Poway Photo over 250 kids in Poway. 

Kids were asked "Why would you recommend Poway as the perfect place for kids to have fun?"

Kids said a lot of wonderful things, but they mostly said they  think Poway is a great place to have fun because it hardly ever rains and the sun shines a lot; it is close to the beaches and the mountains; kids can walk to and from school and their parents don’t have to worry. It also has a lot of great places to eat, a great community pool to swim in all year ‘round, a great sportspark and soccer park, plus Lake Poway to fish in.  Nearly everyone mentioned the great friends and teachers they have here. Poway really is a great place to be.


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