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Megan PhotoMegan made up a survey that asked parents who live in Poway four questions: Why did you come to Poway? Do you enjoy Poway? What do you love about Poway?  Do you have any comments about Poway schools? About 150 adults answered the survey and here is what they said:

Almost every adult said they moved here because of the schools and because it is a friendly city. One person answering the survey was born here and one other moved here because of a business.

Everyone answered "yes" to the question about enjoying Poway. They said they love Poway because it is a family community,  it's a safe place to live, it's friendly, it has great shopping, it has great schools, it is a beautiful area with green hills and lots of wildlife, you can see people riding horses down the street or in the hills behind your house, and it has a great variety of recreation and activities for kids of all ages.   Megan also noted that parents loved the "small town feeling" that Poway offers.  The parents felt lucky to have beautiful parks nearby, such as:  Blue Sky Reserve and Lake Poway.

Here's what they said about our schools? Well -- "Daddy says that they have the best teachers in the world!", "It’s nice to know that the community has a nationwide reputation for having a strong school district", "Poway schools show that kids and learning are very important", "The Poway schools view education as a ‘partnership with parents’ and we agree with this wholeheartedly!" We truly do have an awesome school district.




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