Island of the Blue Dolphins Test


1.  Why did Ramo got left behind on the island?

2.  While Karana was stuck on the island, why did she build extra houses?

3.  How do you think Karana felt when she got left behind on the island and her brother died?

4.  How could Karana be friends with Tutok if Tutok was an Aluet, her enemy?

5.  Why did the Indians have two names - one a secret name and one a describing name?

6.  What do you think Ulape (Karana’s sister) was doing?

7.  When Karana’s dog, Rontu, died what did Karana try to do?

8.  Do you think Karana will die on the island or someone will come to rescue her?

9.  What did Karana and Tutok have fun doing?

10.  If you were the author of this book what would you name it?

11.  Would you want to go to the Island of the Blue Dolphins and why?

12.  What do think the island would be like after Karana left?

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