Cornell Note Taking

The Cornell Note format can be used for ANY subject area; for taking notes on a literature book or
      story; even for an activity or for a quiz.

First ~ put a proper heading on your paper.

Fold you paper so you have two columns ~ the left column is about 1/3 of the writing space and the
      right column is about 2/3 of the writing space.  the easiest way to do this on notebook paper is to
      fold the left edge over to the red margin line on the right and make a crease.

Write Larger / Bolder
Leave space between ideas

Main Ideas

 Key Concepts

Vocabulary Words

Heading From Text Book

Math Operation / Concept


Bullet Information / include page numbers
Abbreviate - be concise and specific; use arrows

  • Details; Explanations; Examples; Pictures / Diagrams

  • Definitions
  • Important Information Found in Reading
  • Steps to Solve a Problem
  • Answers

Using color, highlighting, and underlining will help you visualize and set off important information.

Write your notes on the front side of the paper.  On the back, you can summarize the information
      later to help you review.

For a prepared note taking page that you can print, click here.

Other views of this method can be seen here, here, and here.

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Lynne Harvey
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