S. L. A. N. T.  


"SLANT" is a body language, a behavior.  It shows the teacher and your classmates you are interested and involved in the learning.  It keeps you more alert and focused.

Sit Up Both feet should be flat on the floor, your back straight, your head up and facing the speaker, and your hands on top of your desk.  Sitting with proper posture helps you pay better attention to lessons, and interact more with discussions and activities. 
Lean Forward Leaning forward will show you are interested in the lesson and you are listening.
Ask Questions Stay on the topic and ask meaningful, interested questions about the discussion and activities.  Your question might help others understand the lesson better too.
Nod Yes and No Nodding your head shows the teacher you understand the lesson.  It is a non-verbal conversation between you and the teacher.
Talk With Teachers Communicate with the teacher both during and after class to make sure you understand, get extra help, check on your progress, or get missed assignments.  If you are confused about something, ASK the teacher.  Also attend tutorials ~ they are there to help you.

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Lynne Harvey
Poway Unified School District