Human Body Study Guide

Watch this link for a fun review


Skeletal System
1. Name the twelve bones we have learned by the scientific name (see first handout)
2. Explain the job of this system
3. What happens inside bones?
4. How many bones the average adult has?
5. How we keep our bones strong?


Circulatory System
1. How many chambers does the heart have?
2. Blood travels throughout the body in __________ __________.
3. Blood that contains oxygen from the lungs travels in the ___________.
4. Blood that contains waste travels back to the lungs to be exhaled and this blood travels in the ________.
5. __________________ joins these two types of blood vessels.
6. The circulatory system allows us to take in fresh ____________ and breathe out ___________ which is the opposite of plants. This process is called ____________________.
7. Which organ is the main organ in this system?


Digestive System:
Complete a sequence diagram that shows where the digestion process begins and where it ends.  Explain what each part does.


Respiratory System
1. What is the major organ in this system?
2. What is the job of this system and how does it work?


 Excretory System:
1.  List and explain the parts of the excretory system and what the system does.
2.  What organ removes cellular waste from the blood converting it to urine? 
3.  Where is urine stored?