August, 2012

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome back to the 2012-2013 school year! I am planning and anticipating a year filled with challenge, learning, and excitement. The following outline will supply you with information concerning the program. Please sign, cut and return the designated portion. Thank you.

                                           RULES OF CONDUCT

  1.     Respect others, materials, and the classroom learning experience.

  2.     Bring assignments, textbooks, and supplies to class.

  3.     Be in the door when the bell rings.                      

  4.   Follow the directions on all assignments. Be thorough, neat, and accurate.

  5.   Leave the room clean and neat when you depart. When you are seated quietly, the teacher will dismiss you.                                                          

                                        HOMEWORK & GRADES

Students should expect approximately 5-10 hours of homework weekly in order to keep their grades up. New homework is not assigned every day. However, your student should have social science and/or language arts assignments to work on every night. Long-term projects will be introduced and worked on in class and at home. Due dates will be fair and strictly enforced. I will accept late work within reason. Excused absences will allow for extended deadlines. Current grades are posted regularly through Learning Point for student and parent viewing. Thus, students are able to inform you of their current status throughout the school year and you can view current grades through the internet.  Progress notices will be posted on the published dates.  Please monitor these postings and if you have concerns about anything, e-mail me, write me a note or call me at 748-0802 xt 2004. Our classroom website includes many of the assignments, assignment due dates, the current grades, and a variety of other helpful information. You may also find the content standards that drive the curriculum, activities, lectures and the eighth-grade experience. The site is located at: You can access this information to help ensure success for  your students.


Each student needs to have their own silent reading book(s). I expect students to read at least 80 minutes a week on their own and outside of the classroom. Parents need to monitor this time and send written confirmation that this reading is being completed. The “Silent Reading Form” is collected on the first day of each week.  I will send Silent Reading forms home periodically. These forms can also be found on the webpage and in the classroom. Success in this area correlates significantly with good grades. Please take this program seriously and strictly monitor their reading.



Our class will be involved in many diverse activities. Students can help to ensure success by being equipped, organized, and prepared. Each student will need two three-ring binders. One will be for their history notebook, and the other will be for their language work. If buying the following supplies causes any financial hardship, please write me a note.

Shopping list:

  • 1/2 to1 inch, fairly empty, three-ring notebook History Notebook

  • Language Notebook: Student preference is fine...

  • Paper (lined, unlined, colored, and white)

  • Dividers for language and history notebooks

  • Pens & pencils: Black, blue, red. A multi-colored pen would also be helpful.

  • Package of colored marker pens

  • Highlighter pens

  • Binder reminder or similar planner

  • Thesaurus / Dictionary

  • An appropriate, parent/teacher approved for pleasure reading book(s)

  • Scissors, stapler, ruler, hole punch, glue stick, white-out tape, etc.


I want students to leave the classroom and be successful in high school and life. I expect them to become productive and self-directed. I would like to see an academically strong and enjoyable year for all students. Through student, parent, and teacher involvement, all students should succeed.

Again, welcome to the classroom. Here's to a great year!


Mr. Bass

I have read the back-to-school letter.

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