Educational MUSIC VIDEO

12 Points to Practice by Wynton Marsalis and Yo Yo Ma

  1. Seek out private instruction when possible
  2. Write out a daily practice schedule
  3. Set goals for yourself
  4. Concentrate when you practice
  5. Relax and practice slowly
  6. Practice slower on more difficult sections
  7. Play everything musically and with feeling
  8. Donít be too hard on yourself
  9. Don't show off
  10. Think when you practice
  11. Be positive in your attitude
  12. Look for connections between music and other elements (your part, your section, your ensemble, your conductor)


Three Elements of Music Ė Tone, Pitch, and Rhythm

Three Elements of Reading Music - Clef Sign, Key Signature, and Time Signature

Three Concert "C's"Concentrate, be Calm and in Control