1. The music room will be open daily for instrument drop-off and pick-up. (instruments are not to be left at school overnight)

  2. The only conduct acceptable is that which reflects good taste, courtesy towards others, pride in achievement and pride in our school.

  3. There will be no eating, drinking, or gum chewing allowed in class at any time.  Please no caps, hats or sunglasses are to be worn in class.

  4. All students are requested to provide their own instruments.  Please contact me should you require any assistance in obtaining an instrument for orchestra.

  5. Cello and bass students may use school instruments at school only. Cello students will be requested to have an instrument at home to use for daily practice and at concerts.  All cellists will have a belt type of end pin holder for use at all concerts and in class.

  6. Students using the school basses will be required to make arrangements to transport the school basses to all concerts.

  7. Students will bring their instrument, sheet music, music books, vinyl protective sheets, a black binder and pencil daily to class. When a privately owned instrument is in repair, I must have a signed note from home to verify repair order.  Students will be expected to bring their instruments to class until the last week of school in June.  Students will not however be required to bring instruments the first week of school in August.

  8. All cases must be labeled with a luggage tag for identification in order to be able to store the instrument in the band storage room before the school day begins.

  9. All students will be requested to wear proper concert attire and attend all concerts.

  10. Informational packets for parents/students will be issued the first day of school.  Please read, sign and return the forms requiring a parent signature: the Orchestra Handbook, Student Information form, the Donation Letter, and the PUSD Instrument Policy form.

  11. Seating and placement in the orchestra is determined by the conductor.  Student progress is assessed regularly in class.  Students will be seated to reflect both a balance of sound and in order of relative skill.  Unless otherwise indicated by the conductor, there is no "challenge" procedure for chair placement. Students that are not ready to play a specific concert piece may be asked to sit out of that selection in a concert until they are more confident on that piece for a possible future performance. This will not effect their grade either.

  12. Private lessons are strongly recommended however are not required. A list of private teachers can be obtained from the local music stores.

  13. "Orchestra Progress Notices" will be sent home to students with missing assignments or for those students who come to class unprepared on a regular basis.  Students are required to do at home practice although class time will also be given for individual practice.

  14. Students will be requested to provide their own tissue packets which can be kept inside their instrument case.

  15. For safety reasons, no long fingernails or acrylic nails are allowed.

  16. All orchestra students will bring their concert attire in for a grade to check for appropriate uniform code before November 1st of each school year. All school dress codes apply.

  17. Playing tests are given in class from time to time to access a students progress and are a required part of the California State Standards.

  18.  Students will be expected to tune their instruments so they are able to practice at home which is also a required part of the course. 

  19.  There are many You Tube videos that give detailed information on tuning a string instrument.  These are excellent resources for home use.

  20. Students that are unable to practice for an extended time due to vacations, etc are encouraged to listen to their music examples on You Tube.  There are many excellent examples and from many sources from student to professional orchestras in performance.   Students that have OCIS contracts for orchestra will be required to do a written composer report for missing orchestra class for an extended amount of time.