Poway Unified School District 

                             is proud to present                    

                             Twin Peaks Middle School Advanced  Orchestra 


                             Bernardo Heights Middle School Advanced Orchestra

                             in concert

                             Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

                             Poway Center for The Performing Arts 

                              7:00-8:15 pm


 Twin Peaks Middle School Advanced Orchestra and

BHMS and TPMS (Combined Advanced Orchestras)

 Under The Sea

 Colors of the Wind

 Part of Your World

 Bonaparte's Retreat

 Fiddler's Dream

 Mission Impossible

 Pirates at World's End


Out of courtesy and respect for our performers today, please turn off all cell phones and pagers while seated in the theater.  For the safety of our performers please remember that no flash photography or flash video taping is permitted at any time in the theater. 

Old Harbor Video will make a recording of the entire program and a DVD may be purchased with order forms provided in the lobby.

Donations to our PUSD music programs are always graciously accepted and please make your check payable to the RBHS Music Boosters or to the Twin Peaks Band Boosters. 




                     is proud to present

                     Twin Peaks Middle School and 

                      Bernardo Heights Middle School

                      6th Grade Intermediate Orchestras 

                      in concert

                     Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

                      Twin Peaks and Bernardo Heights


                        6:00-6:45pm Twin Peaks 6th grade Orchestra

                        and  Bernardo Heights 6th grade Orchestra (Combined)

                       at the

                       Poway Center for The Performing Arts



Bach Musette

William Tell Overture

Pachabel Kanon


Polovetsian Dance

Surprise Symphony


Hopak/Great Gate of Kiev

Boil That Cabbage Down

Buffalo Gals

Happy Hoedown

Roaches in the Pantry


 DVD's from our concerts may be purchased through Old Harbor Video. The contact information is located on the Web Site portion of Ms. Reiner's Orchestra web site or at old harbor video.com

Many thanks to our coaches for all their assistance throughout the school year both in the classroom and to all the parents that make our concerts such a success!