All students are required to participate in the concerts which are scheduled in the evening hours so parents and families may attend.  Concert dates for the year are listed under the hyperlink "Concert Schedule".  Lack of transportation, homework, or babysitting are not excused absences.  Concerts are considered final exams and a grade is given. Students will be required to do a written assignment to make up for the missed concert.  Students that are ill and miss a concert will also be required to do a make up written assignment. Since it is impossible to make up a missed concert no matter the circumstances, a 4 page typed composer report will be due 2 weeks after the concert.  The four page report must be word processed, in report format with the students name, grade, school and class.  Then three pages of a report which can cover one composer or two.  The fourth page also word processed will be the list of resources the information was obtained from.  The report will be the makeup assignment for the missed concert. Absences for the holiday in-school concerts will only require a 2 page written makeup report.  All orchestra students receive grades for these in school concerts as well.

All students must be accompanied by a parent to the evening concerts who remains for the duration of the program. Siblings and other children attending our concerts must sit with an adult during the duration of the entire concert.  At no time are children allowed to sit in the audience without parental supervision.  Evening concerts are generally no more than one hour in length or as indicated under Concert Schedule.  There is no ticket charge for concerts and orchestra performances are held at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts (located on the campus of Poway High School off Titan Way). Your generous donations can be made payable to the RB High School Music Boosters attn: BHMS Orchestra or to the Twin Peaks Band Boosters attn: TPMS Orchestra.  Adult volunteer ushers are always needed for concerts and if you are interested in assisting please contact me for details.


Concerts are very special events for all and appearance a very important part.  The requested concert uniform was developed to take the emphasis away from clothing and for the energy to be placed into the music making.

Ladies-(new for the fall of 2014)

Gentlemen-(new for the fall of 2014)

Please have these items ready to wear before the first scheduled concert of the year. I  have found these items easily at most retail stores.  Many of the thrift shops in Poway carry these items as well.  If you need additional information, please contact me.  I am happy to assist.  All orchestra students will need to bring their concert attire to school before November 1st for approval and for a grade.  Students may begin bringing their concert attire to school anytime after the first day of school, too. 

Scheduled Concerts: