Students will be graded on the following criteria:
  1. Effort/Citizenship
  2. Attendance/Participation
  3. Musical Improvement/Attitude
  4. Extra credit projects (outside concert attendance, recital performance-optional)
  5. Written tests on educational videos and music theory (when assigned)
  6. Extra Credit-Practice Time Sheets (for during holidays only and they must be turned in with a parent signature to receive extra credit.)
  7. Playing Tests on Music Assigned (assignments are posted on the classroom board and students are responsible for writing these in their binder reminders and when due).
  8. Concert Participation, Attendance and Concert Attire
  9. "Sign-In Book": a student will "sign-in" for the following which may result in a lowered Citizenship/Effort grade for that grading period (excessive talking in class/unprepared for class/inappropriate behavior in class).
  10. Grades are given to the students in class and are recorded on Grade Sheets that are to be signed by parents when new grades are entered. These Grade Sheets will be placed in the student's black  binders that they bring to every orchestra class. Grades are given to students in lieu of posting them however their quarter grades will be posted on line.  Parents are asked to check the Grade Sheet frequently in their student's binder and to initial when new grades are given.  A binder check is done in class from time to time and grades given to check if parent initials are kept up to date on the Grade Sheet.